New Folder Script Troubleshooting

I’m trying to make a folder script which imports added files to a specific database. The applescript isn’t a problem, but DT doesn’t seem to “see” a custom folder script I made in the folder scripts directory.

What I mean is, if I make this change to the Import & Delete Folder Script:

set theRecord to import thePath to incomingGroup of database "Research"

And save the “Import & Delete” file, my script runs fine as I add files. But if I save a copy as “Import & Delete to Research”, nothing happens when files are added to the folder.

Do I need to tell DT that there is a new script I’m trying to use? I do know that if my “Research” database isn’t open, it could cause problems. But it is open as I’m trying to test this.

Yes. You need to attach the Folder Action script to the folder - and you should also disable or remove the original script from the Folder Actions Setup.

Ah, I wasn’t clear. I was attaching the new script to the folder, and it still wasn’t working. I thought that there was some scanning or input to DT to know a new script was added to the ‘Folder Action Scripts’ folder.

But that said, the problem ultimately ended up being a typo -> needed a space in ‘incoming group’ in the above command.