New forum skin

Gotta say that the new forum skin is one of the ugliest templates I have ever seen. What’s with the trees? I am expecting squirrels to pop up anytime The skin takes up so much real estate on the iPad. Thanks for not deleting the prosilver skin so we can get back to something more usable.

I do like the new theme, I think the content is easier to read, however I only read it on my laptop and not on a device like the iPad.

But I do agree with korm that the line of trees or bushes at the bottom looks strange and wastes space. I would suggest that instead of fixing it in place at the bottom of the window, make it scrollable along with the rest of the content.

I agree. The design on the bottom is huge waste of space and big distraction.

Otherwise! It is really easy to read, clean and solid!


I think the time applied to creating the new skin would have been better spent beefing up the spam control. As irritating as the spam link posts are, that’s nothing compared to the porn images posted here today. :angry:

The problem with the spam is that even though we’re adding more and more automatic spam control the spammers also improve their technology. Or they even simply use humans to register and post. And there is nothing we can do about that except for manually scanning the new posts.

We have changed the Captcha for new registrations today, let’s hope this helps for the moment.

I actually quite like the new skin - I’d found it a couple of days before it was launched officially and changed in advance…

I’d just ask for one small enhancement - I read the forum almost exclusively using the ‘View new posts’ link. However, if I decide not to read any of the new posts, I’ve got to the Board Index page to mark all posts read. Would it be difficult to add the “Mark all Forums read” link to the “View new posts” sidebar?

Not a big deal, of course…

I will check if this is possible when the usual issues with the website transition have settled a bit.

Thanks, Eric.


Excellent, thanks!


I love the new website theme and forum skin. It is really nice…except for the trees and bushes at the bottom.

What’s this for???

It’s a waste of space and actually obscures text if you scroll down.

Yes! I posted here before and I’ll say it again…

the bottom design is distracting and wasteful!

I just stumbled upon this thread and I have to say I really like this forum skin.

I do have to admit the bushy stuff at the bottom is… unusual. But very decorative :slight_smile:
And I actually wouldn’t mind squirrels popping up now and then :wink:


Tom S.