New from Evernote - Organising Groups


I’m a new user coming across from many years of Evernote.

In Evernote, my system consisted of a few big notebooks (e.g reference, personal) which I think will be best replicated by separate DT databases.

Currently, I’ve imported my Reference Evernote Notebook into Devonthink (trialling Personal at the moment, but I think I’ll need at least Pro), but I’m confused about groups and tags. I understand how Groups and Tags are basically the same, but I’m confused about whether I need groups at all, or whether I can simply have tags? If I should have groups, should I have a few large domain groups? Is there a way to efficiently sort notes from the big Evernote->Reference group into more specific groups?

The question of groups or tags is not a dogmatic answer. You may like tags… or you may like groups… or you may like a combination of them. There is no “right answer” to this question.

Whether those groups are general or specific is also mostly a matter of personal style. This can even vary, depending on the circumstance. I have some broad, organic databases. I also have specific, narrowly grouped databases for other things. (One of the big benefits of Pro/Pro Office is the ability to create multiple databases for different purposes or just to get a feel for different approaches.)

Personally, I suggest hand-curating it as you need to, or have time to.

Thanks Jim, I think that’s clarified my question, which is that groups are not necessary within a database. Now to keep playing with how to use this tool best for me.

You’re welcome. :smiley: