New iCloud sync vs Dropbox

DEVONthink To Go now has iCloud sync with CloudKit support. I’m currently using Dropbox, but I’m also thinking of moving to iCloud Drive in general. Are there any upsides or downsides to using iCloud sync over Dropbox? For instance, is the iCloud sync better in background updates on iOS? I saw some older topics on this, but I think at that time it didn’t have this new sync mechanism.

Other than being the simplest sync option to enable, I’d say there are no distinct advantages to either. And iOS controls the Background App Refresh for all iOS applications.
I wouldn’t switch to just switch but if you’re dropping Dropbox (no pun intended), you could use it.

  • Are you using a VPN?
    • If so, what one?

Are you also syncing a Mac?

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I’ve used VPN at times and at work, but not currently on my own own Apple devices. Yes, I also sync a Mac. I have also some indexed folders from the Dropbox drive and it works well when I’ve set Dropbox to download all files so it doesn’t try to optimise the local storage. I thought it a bit and maybe I’ll keep the Dropbox 2 TB plan for things like DEVONthink sync, Arq backup, large files and some other things. Then I’ll put some other files, such as my documents and files to iCloud with a cheaper and smaller plan. iCloud is just a bit better integrated in the Apple ecosystem and now for instance Obsidian doesn’t support Dropbox.

You’re welcome and it sounds like a good plan :slight_smile: