New iPhone - Trying to prevent a problem that may not happen

Happy Holidays to all, and a Happy New Year.

So it’s upgrade time for the iPhone. Last time I upgraded there were issues with syncing which maybe sorted themselves out, or maybe I solved with some random fiddling, and I’m trying to get a definitive answer to the following question:-

If I set up my new phone by loading the up to the second backup of my old phone (from my Mac), will syncing continue seamlessly on the new phone? Usage scenario is I run a paperless office on my home Mac, which I sync with DT3 on my work MacBook, and my iPhone and iPad (DTTG). Sync is via iCloud.

Or would I be better starting with a clean iPhone, add DTTG and just getting it to sync afresh?

You probably would get along fine with plan a, but I am just so much more comfortable starting a new device fresh. Right or wrong, I feel like I have avoided restoring unwanted hidden junk, and setting up syncing again is fairly painless.

You can certainly migrate from your iCloud account, but regarding DEVONthink To Go if you do restore it, I would uninstall it post-restore, reinstall it, set up sync, and import the databases afresh.

Actually, I just migrated to a new iPhone from the iCloud backup and everything was there including all DEVONthink To Go data, just as expected.

Thanks Greg. Food for thought. I generally have a had a good experience with Apples various backup / restore functions. I swear once I migrated to a new Mac from Time Machine and it know which track I had been listening to in iTunes.

An additional compelling reason to start afresh is I can really clear out all those apps that I no longer use any more.

Thanks BLUEFROG. Prompt and helpful as ever.

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Thanks eboenisch. It’s tempting but I’ve decided to take the opportunity (and time) to start a fresh slate. I don’t think I ever have before and my current setup may have legacies back to the original iPhone. Wish me luck :smiley:

You’re welcome!

And as the old adage goes: YMMV (you’re mileage may vary). @eboehnisch had a good experience; many people do. Some people have had a less enjoyable experience. Some people want to try; some would rather start afresh.

I am more of a fresh baseline start kind of guy, so personal preferences can play into suggestions too. :slight_smile: