New issue with ScanSnap

All of a sudden, I have a bizarre issue with ScanSnap.

In its settings, I have no application selected, just ‘Scan to File.’ I selected the Global Inbox from the Finder sidebar. This has been working for a while, and docs scanned through ScanSnap show up in the Global Inbox.

Today, I scanned several one documents, and the process worked fine. But a five page document gave me the error message:

ScanSnap unable to access the specified destination (image saving folder) or the file. Check if the folder/file is correct.

Interestingly, the file shows up in the Global Inbox, but its type is ‘pdf’ in small letters, and there is no sidebar with individual pages. The one-page documents are ‘PDF’ in capitals.

I experimented, and anything more than one page causes this error.

If I scan to a Finder folder, there is no problem with scanning multiple pages.

I searched online without luck. Is there anything I can check in DTPO?

You should not scan directly to the Global Inbox.

In ScanSnap Manager…
You should have DEVONthink as the Application.
You should have the Save location as ~/Pictures.

Thanks for the quick reply, Bluefrog.

A couple of comments and questions:

I have been scanning this way for years. The issue is new.

Since I posted, the issue has now arisen with scanning into Finder, as well.

If I scan into ~/Pictures, how does DTP know to gather the files from that location? Do I need to change a setting?

Thank you

This would be a Fujitsu issue, then.

If the ScanSnap support is installed, DEVONthink will know that’s the location. We have never advocated scanning directly to the Global Inbox (at least, not in the five years I’ve been here).