New Licensing scheme


I just read that with update to the V3 on the Mobile you guys want to change the licensing scheme “Version 3 will also bring changes to the licensing model but we are not yet disclosing them at this point in time as we might make adjustments until the final release.”

I sincerely hope you are not encouraged to change towards a yearly fee ! If you would really do that , you would definitely loose me as a customer . Charge me 50 ,100 , 200 , 250 bucks for the App , i don’t care . But do not start to take a yearly fee .

I just wanted to add my 2 cents to that…


There are three lively threads discussing this already: here, here, and here. And whilst @gavingough’s grandmother rightly points out that all roads lead to Rome, I still think it could be helpful to bundle responses to this topic, rather than everybody building a new road.

That, of course, makes it 4 cents on the table.

Perhaps a moderator or forum administrator could merge the relevant threads? Is that an option?

Na, I’m just going to keep on doing this every day, giving myself a feeling of grandiose self-importance whilst at the same time demonstrating the futility of my actions, making me Schrödinger’s brother’s psychologist. Or in need of the same. :crazy_face:.


That sounds entirely reasonable. Given that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, even a futile action must inevitably result in somebody, somewhere performing a very fruitful action, which makes your initial action very worthwhile. I encourage you to keep it up and given that I’m an offender in this regard, I’ll gladly act as your substitute if you need a day off.


This exchange made my day. @Blanc does a nice job of nudging in the direction of searching the forum