New MacMiniServer vs. old MacBookPro -- DTPO and now what?


Who can give me a hint on how to go about it?

So far, all my data was on my MacBookPro. As I am travelling quite a bit, I need to have access to the data even when I am offline. DTPO is installed on that MacBook. Yesterday I now got myself a MacMiniServer. I now would like to have the data on both, the MacBook and the MacMiniServer. I want both to be up-to-date. The Dox will still needed to be scanned in on the MacBook, but the server shall give me the possiblity to access the data even from a third pary computer. How shall I go about it?


Currently the best solution would be to sync the documents manually, e.g. with Chronosync (there are many posts on how to do this on this forum).

If you can wait a little longer, Devontechnologies (the company) are working on a sync functionality within Devonthink itself. No idea when it will be out in the wild.

Personally I must say that given how unexpectedly badly the sync between DT and DTTG failed and continues to fail, my money is on the Chronosync method. I’d love to be proven wrong though.