New Note leads to locked editing mode

I somewhat frequently use the app icon shortcut menu item to create a quick note.
(Long press app icon, choose New Note from menu, add content and title, save a markdown)
However it more frequently than not leaves me with a note that’s in Preview mode but the editing buttons are still up top and the “x” to go back to edit mode no longer does anything. All the edit buttons show their submenus but they have no effect.
The only thing that has any effect is force quitting the app and restarting.
Anyone else?

This may be something we just addressed in an internal build for the next release. Stay tuned.

I don’t know if this helps or not but in one of the times this morning when I was wrestling with this, I selected text in the new “locked” note (i.e. a note in Preview mode but with editing tools visible) chose a bunch of the formatting options (centre text, inline block, bold) and there was no effect. I force quit the app, restarted it and it opened up on one of my journal notes that I had been writing in last before creating the new note via the app icon shortcut[^1].

Lo and behold, there was some center text, in-line code, and bold formatting markdown code around a random chunk of the text in that journal note.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this but it sure seems like I was looking at the new shortcut note but editing the journal note.
Fun stuff.

[^1]: Yes, I sometimes will be writing in a note nestled deep in a structured database (Journal, Recent Work Project etc) only to return to the iOS Home Screen to use the New Note shortcut from the app icon. It’s the fastest way I know to quickly jot down something that I want to just dump in the Global Inbox where I will see it later and then figure out where it goes.