New on DevonThink.. some questions

Hi folks.

I am just on hand with DEVONThink Pro Office. I havent yet been able to read the help files thoroughly but I have observed a few problems - strange behaviors in DevonThink, not typically seen in a Mac app.

1. Cannot navigate through the Help file with Magic Mouse:
Magic Mouse has a two-finger swipe gesture to make it go Forward and Backward. This functions in both Finder, Safari and many other softwares. But DT help file cannot be navigated using this method. I have to click on the Back/Forward every time.

  1. You cannot delete an item in a Smart group.
    YOu have to go into the Inbox to delete anything. Why?

  2. Why the “GLOBALS” database?
    I have my own default database, which I know where it is located on the hard drive. Why there is still another database called GLOBALS? I mean, if a user custom database is set to default it should take the place of the “Globals”.

4. Problems with the left panel
My default database is shown under the “Open Databases” in the panel on the left side. But you cannot have an expanded view of the database - you have to inspect the Inbox, items and groups on a second panel! - pure waste of window/display space!

5. The “Open in Tabs” command?
Very strange behavior:
*For an item shown in a Smart Group: the command opens a new window rather than a Tab.
*For an item shown in the Inbox: the command does nothing (nothing happens)

These are a few problems i have encountered in my first experience with DTPO.

My system: OSX 10.6.4 / Safari 5.0.2.

The help is displayed by Mac OS X’s Help Viewer and it’s up to Apple to add support for gestures to it.

Just use Data > Move All Instances To Trash (or its shortcut).

Thanks cgrunenberg but any idea about the Open In Tabs issue?

Open in Tabs works when applied to 2 or more items. When applied to one item, that item is already open. Your first observation (Smart Group; new window) is not what happens over here - what kind of item are you selecting?

This depends on the used view. Views without a preview pane (e.g. icon view or list view) open a new window.