"New Outlook" Breaks Outlook import functionality

Just FYI:

This morning Outlook did force me again to the “New” Outlook.

(Message is in Dutch but translated: “The new version of Outlook for Mac is available. The new version will be launched the next time Outlook is started”).

When I just relaunched Outlook, I did have indeed the “New” version. But the switch to the old version is still available. But for how long? I see that they are really pushing the New version.

In the same boat. Seems MS are getting progressively stronger in their “persuasion” of us moving to the new version (most recently, yesterday). Upon a forced restart, Outlook was now “new”.

Fortunately, the switch in the menu option is still there, and yes – when being asked why I was leaving, I selected “Applescript” as the reason… Hopefully, there are enough of us to get the message across to them.

Curious though:

If we are forced, and Applescript is still not active, what options should we still have? I presume the “drag and drop” onto the DT icon will still work, correct? Not even sure if that is a thing – since I have always relied on AS? Or would all functionality to import into DT3 be broken (apart from printing >> PDF >> import)?

Yes, drag and drop should still work though you may have to drag and drop to the desktop, then to DEVONthink.

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