"New Outlook" Breaks Outlook import functionality

Microsoft released a “New Outlook” UI refresh which seems to have broken import in Dt3. I realize this is just out from MS but didn’t see anyone posting about it so I thought I’d point it out.

What it seems to do is create multiple mailboxes in Dt3 import UI, but none of them appear to match up to the active Outlook mailboxes.

It’s a bug of Microsoft Outlook, see Outlook script error?.

Understood, sorry I missed that other thread.

Sorry to reactivate this thread but can you clarify to what extent these are the same problem?

I am just trying to figure out if we’re just dealing with a pretty minor bug that could be fixed by MS by updating their UI-related Applescript or if there’s something more fundamental going on and one should expect outlook import to be broken for the long term.

The thread you linked seems to talk about selection reporting when using Applescript directly from Outlook and this thread seems to be talking about the importer pane in Dt3. What’s happening there with the “new look” is that a bunch of seemingly random folders appear in the “On my Mac” category but they only contain what was in those folders before one toggled the new look. In addition, there seem to be random duplicates:

It’s the same issue, both the scripts and the Import pane access the data via AppleScript (or internally AppleEvents). And Outlook’s AppleScript support should work independent of the currently selected look.

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That makes sense. I think that “look” might be a misnomer here anyway. I suspect there’s a lot more to it then just a UI update. But in any case, thanks for clearing this up. Nothing nothing to do but revert to the old Outlook and wait.