New plugin for search: "Reddit"

Quagmire though it may be, sometime it’s useful to be able to dredge the site and pull up things that have been done there.

I’ve had a cursory attempt at putting together a JSON-based plugin for DEVONagent Pro, but the documentation doesn’t quite go far enough - more examples would be really helpful.

What would be most helpful of all would be a native DEVONagent Pro plugin to handle in-depth Reddit searches in a future update.

… as well as a bit more documentation about writing plugins!

Do you use JSON as the plugin format (instead of a property list) or do you want to handle JSON results? An example can be found here: JSON search

Thanks Christian,

I did see that post, but Reddit seems to just feed out HTML for searches - as far as I can see (without looking into the Reddit API, and without confirming that exists! :slight_smile:

I did look into the documentation in DEVONagent, and it’s great that it’s there - however, some of it is ambiguous and leaves you scratching your head more than when you started. Some items, I could not tell if I was meant to provide a regex, a wildcard string, or plain text parsed from HTML element’s content. I guess when I have a free afternoon there’s some trial-and-error work there, but some clearer explanations and examples in the documentation would make it a lot easier and more available.

Much as I love what DEVONagent does, a lot of the documentation is written like you already fully understand what it’s about. I’m still not 100% of the full range of features in DEVONagent (this isn’t a criticism - I like software that does what you want it to do, but then has a whole world of extra functionality you could only dream of hidden away behind the surface - and I really appreciate the open nature of extensibility and plugin-writing with it, I just think some more documentation could make that much more obvious and accessible to people).