New Pubmed search results in only 20 results


using the new search form in DT Office Professional 2 I always get only 20 results - although 103 results exist (in normal Pubmed search). How can I solve this problem? For my reasearch I need all occurences.

Bernd Neumann

The default bin size for entrez query results at NCBI is 20.

The applescript that is used to run the search could be updated with a parameter specifying a larger maximum number of results. You could certainly set it to 100 or 1000, but I don’t think that doing this in the DT environment is really advisable. With ad hoc queries and large result sets, it is probably better to use PubMed in a web browser or one of the dedicated apps (Sente, Bookends, etc.).

That said, a tool some might find useful for reasonable numbers of hits is a script that imports the current set of results on a PubMed web page. It is relatively easy to extract the PMIDs from the HTML page by relying on the DOM (Safari, not sure if that is feasible in Firefox). I have considered doing this myself, but just never find the time.

BTW, it is highly instructive to read Christian and Eric’s AppleScripts. They are wonderfully crafted.