New row in Cornell Notes (rich text)?

Hi everyone!
I personally use the builtin template “Cornell Notes (rich text)” to write my book notes. The problem is that when I used up all the rows provided by default, I don’t know how to add a new row. Well in template “Cornell Notes (pages)” it’s said that I can add a new row by pressing alt+down, but it does not work on rich text. Anyone has idea about this?

By the way is there any better alternatives to RTF for note-taking for DTPO? I basically take text notes and insert some pictures. Markdown and plain text is not preferred because I don’t want to get messed up by mixing my texts files and pictures. (I also want my files to be intuitive.)
Any idea’s welcomed! :laughing: :laughing:

The only possibility seems to be to edit the table, e.g. via the contextual menu.

Thanks, it works. But I’d better use Pages for better formatting support. :slight_smile: