New ScanSnap iX1400 & iX1600 Scanners

To all the ScanSnap users here (and I’m sure there are many):

I have been using my ScanSnap S1500M happily with DEVONthink Pro Office 2, and now DEVONthink Pro 3, for nearly 10 years. But suddenly yesterday the lamp apparently burned out on the S1500M, so I am looking to replace it with a new ScanSnap model. Last month, Fujitsu released 2 new models: the iX1600 replaces the iX1500; and the iX1400 is a similar model, without the touchscreen or WiFi, and employs the same one button operation as the S1500M, so it looks like a perfect replacement machine.

Does anyone have experience or feedback on these 2 new ScanSnap scanners? Just looking for good or bad comparisons to the S1500M before I put the order in.


PS - I’m currently using macOS Mojave, but planning to upgrade to a new iMac with Bug Sur (undecided whether to go with current Intel iMac or wait for new M1 iMac coming soon – Comments on this are welcome as well).

Don’t have either of the new Scansnaps, but often I wish that my SV600 was wireless, and worked with my ipad. If I needed a sheet fed scanner, the ix1600 would tempt me more.

My M1 mac mini only has 4 usb ports-- and certain devices didn’t like to be used through intervening hubs.

As for Arm Macs,

Various sources have said that the 8GB configuration for the M1 is plenty. I dunno about this-- I have 8GB and Safari has leaked like a sieve. When the memorey pressure gets to red, it’s still painful.

I’m dealing with the incompatibilities one app at a time. CorelCad 2019 might have a workaround. Finereader Pro is also broken, but there’s a beta for registered users.

I am using the new iX 1400 with M1 Mac mini, which works very well. I did not even have to install new scanner software (used a ScanSnap S500M before).

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