New scripting application for DT3?

I just upgraded to Devonthink 3 and discovered that some of my custom scripts are no longer working. When I run the script, my copy of DT2 opens and runs the script instead.

In the script, it looks like I have a line
tell application id “com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2”

I’ve tried replacing that line with what I see in the sample scripts
tell application id “DNtp”

However, the revised script still launches DT2 rather than running in DT3.

Is there another application name I should be using, or a way to update the system so the script runs in the correct (new) version of DT?

DEVONthink 2 and 3 both use the same identifier, and macOS is just being lazy.

You can use

tell application "DEVONthink 3"

It might be better to just uninstall DEVONthink 2, though, since you don’t need it anymore. All your databases are fully compatible with DEVONthink 3.