New Searches

I was in DA Pro and searched for an old leather conditioning product I used a few years ago. I could not remember the name so I searched for leather conditioning oil. I found several sites selling the brand I was looking for, obenaufs. I wanted to go the the obenaufs site directly. I tried to past that term, obenaufs, into the DA browser and hit enter. Nothing happened. How do I take some result from the found set in DA Pro and focus on a new search, drilling down as It were, on just that term? I could not find a way to do It. I had to go to Firefox and leave DA Pro to do what I wanted. Doesnt that defeat the purpose of using DA Pro?


If you wish to use a search engine such as Google or Bing to look for a term, in the URL address field of DEVONagent Pro type the name of the search engine, followed by the query.

By entering this in the DA browser: Bing obenaufs, I got 52,600 results.

I don’t think I Was very clear, I apologize. When I first get a results from a serach in DAP what you have described works. What I meant was, when I Select an Item in the found search set and click “open” or just double click on that Item I get a window with a majic hat that allows three sections, the list on the left, the center browser section, and the right side magic hat associations. In this window, typing in or pasting in a term in the URL area and hitting enter, does nothing.

Since I am still quite new to this and since I see in the serach perfences somewhere that I may add a secondary search value, I thought there would be a way to drill down on the curren found results. I am still wondering about this.

I did learn in a recent tutorial that I can always nit command “N” and get a new DAP brower window in which I can search any new term same as in Firefox, etc.
The question remains, when I have afound set and I want to serch more an any part of that found set, is there a way to do this other than I have described?