New sync a Ferrari!

When I upgraded to High Sierra I had some problems so decided to to a clean install from scratch. Erased the hard drive and formatted it with APFS and then installed DevonThink Office PRO.

Did the same with my iPhone and iPad erased and started from scratch.

Sync felt like a “rollercoaster”!!

Not sure if it is because the iOS version happened to come out the same day - but FAST!!

I have about 35.000 items and my wife about 2.000 and all done in a whim!

A clean install is always a fast and refreshing experience, in my opinion :smiley:

The only thing that amazed me was that FileMaker wanted $20 to provide a link so I could download my app again. Really strange since I paid for the app, have a valid serial number etc. I found my DMG on the TimeCapsule so no big deal just annoying.

Great with the fresh install is that DiskUtility runs without any errors. Little extra job to set up the DevonThink again but I found new functions that I did now know about before so great!

Also found out that verify and optimize can be used via buttons that can be mounted in the toolbar as well as refresh RSS feeds.

Computer feels faster in general but not sure if it is because I want it to :slight_smile:.