New tags improperly inheriting "Exclude from tagging"

I am creating new groups via URL scheme. The url defines new tags for this new group.

Since the most recent update, new tags created along with new groups are inheriting the new group’s parent’s tag-exclusion status.

For example:


The above URL creates group GROUP in DATABASE (note: this database excludes groups from tagging).

It should also tag GROUP with NEWTAG.

Instead, NEWTAG does not appear as a tag. In the Tags folder, NEWTAG appears as a group and is excluded from tagging. I can uncheck “Excluded from tagging” to restore NEWTAGs behaviour as a tag, but this requires an extra step.

Note: Pre-existing tags do not exhibit this behaviour; ie they are attaching properly to the group (created via URL) and not converting to groups themselves.

Why are you using the URL scheme instead of the Create Item action?

Hi Bluefrog

In my use case the new group is being created at the parent level in a database. In the top line of Create Item action ("Create Type with title Title in Group), a database cannot be selected as the parent Group for the new Item (except for the Global Inbox).

This issue was just identified yesterday and will get addressed in the next update.

Sure you can…


Of course, why didn’t I think of that. Thank you!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: