New to DevonAGENT

Hi all, I purchased a license for DevonAGENT some (years) ago. I have tried several times but I have never understood It’s value. But now, reviewing DevonTHINK and studying all I can with tutorials I am willing to give DevonAGENT another try. Apparently, this is a very strong search agent that is much more powerful than knowing how to do more advanced searches with Google (which I do know). I Was thinking It wasn’t much different from advanced Google but from the tutorials I am reviewing, It seems DevonAGENT is much more powerful than that. Still, like the X-Files, I want to believe, not sure I am there yet through.

What kills the expereience for me is Little Snitch. I was hoping I could instruct Little Scnitch to leave DevonAGENT alone so It could work. So far I have not seen how this can be done. It is more than annoying to sit and hit return many dozens of times while the DevonAGENT search bar crawls across the dialog window. Each stroke of return says OK to another Little Snitch challenge for a new network.

Once I can figure that out, I will have more questions about actually making use of DevonAGENT.

I am looking forward to learning more. Thanks for any feedback.

I have Little Snitch as well and created a rule “Allow all connections” for the Devonthink Office PRO and DevonAgent and that works fine!

Would you please say a little more about that? I just looked at my LS Rules after your post and I don’t see a way to turn one rule into allow all from devonAGENT yet.

Or, were you suggesting going through the 60 + connection attempts and selecting allow all forever? I dislike circumventing my security on Firefox but I am willing to try It for DevonAGENT only so the app can actually work.


I have set mine to allow all incoming and outgoing connections forever when it comes to DevonThink apps. In general.

I was afraid of that … OK, thanks. :open_mouth:

It’s actually quite easy. After I decided to purchase DEVONthink Pro Office and had worked with it enough to trust its behaviors, it was easy to clean out the individual temporary access rules in Little Snitch and transition to one rule for permitting DTPO and DA to access ports 80 and 443.

Here’s what my rules look like for those applications:

If you want to allow DTPO full access after the fact, rather than delete individual rules do the following:

  1. Quit DTPO.
  2. Open LS.
  3. Find the rules entry for DTPO in “GUI Applications” as in my screenshot above.
  4. Select and delete all of those.
  5. Close the LS window.
  6. Open DTPO. Navigate to some HTML file or bookmark in your databases. When prompted by LS, change the button to “Forever” and the radio button selection to either “Any connection” or “Only port 80 (http)”. If you chose the latter, you will get prompted when next DTPO needs port 443 (https) access.