New user: How do you make a folder?

Sorry for this really stupid question. I just bought DTPO today.

I see how to make the Smart Groups (looks like groups and tags are the same thing?).

But I want to just make dumb folders to drag my content to so I can empty my inbox. I don’t think I need to have smart groups for everything since the AI engine should sort it out. I’m not sure if that is right, but that is how I read it.

I’m right clicking on everything, searching the menus,looking at the help, I don’t see how to make a simple folder.

Thanks for any help.


In Devonthink they are called Groups, not folders. Make a New Group and see if that’s what you need.



Welcome to DT world. I’d advise you to read the manual or the Help menu item. Although I’m a long time user of DTP, I still revisit those from time to time to remember some things.

Alas the screencasts (on the website) are not available now, since they are being redone, but I’d check them later too.

Good luck.

– MJ Valente

Thanks guys.

The online help is a must. The app is not very intuitive.

The key point I was lacking was that I was working under global and did not realize I had to move things to an open database.

Now that I have done that the grouping is working for me. I started reading the help file to figure this out. Not something I usually do with OSX software.

Now I’m off to search for the actual manual.

Thanks for the input :smiley: .