New User: Importing from Evernote, using DevonThinkGo as an archive

Hi everyone.

This is my first post on here as I just downloaded DevonThinkGo for iOS and iPadOS - I don’t own a Mac anymore.

For years, I have been using Evernote as an archive for documents that I might need later. I have some 3000 notes in Evernote of that sort.

I have heard a lot about DevonThink throughout the last 10 years that I have been following the Apple Community. Now I finally made the plunge!

I want to start out by using DevonThinkGo as a replacement for Evernote. Just to get to know what DevonThink is like and what it can do.

So my questions are:

1. Is there a reliable way to export my 3000 notes from Evernote and import them into DevonThinkGo?

2. Does anyone else use DevonThink primarily as an archive for important documents that might need to be referenced in the future? Any tips for me on this use in that case?

3. When setting up my archive in DevonThinkGO, I have to create a lot of nested “folders” to store my documents in. For example: Accounting —> Receipts. This is an example of what I want to do. Have a main folder e.g. “Accounting” and then have nested folders below that level.
How would I do that in DevonThinkGO? Do I have to create Databases and then groups in that database or how does it work?

Thanks a lot to anyone whose read this and is willing to help out a new user.

Best wishes,

A Mac is needed for both the export and import

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But is there anyway to get around having to manually copy/paste each note with attachments from Evernote to DevonThinkGO?

That would be a question for Evernote. Do they support sharing multiple items?

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2.- I do for all my salary slips, taxes, incoming, purchase invoices, home payments… However my main place is a MAC with the files indexed in a cloud. You should have those inside your DTTG as you are only using DTTG. No issue here.

3.- You can have any number of databases, any number of nested folders inside, plus any orthogonal tag system. Forget “one level nesting only” crap from Evernote.

Currently I have 14 databases with not so deep folder hierarchy except for one of them and about 400 GB of data inside, but I use DTTG as a companion for macOS DT Version.

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