New user: questions about search: clear, advanced, in new tab, syntax for database

Hello, I am reading the manual, and have a few short questions about search:

    • I can’t figure out how to clear the search which slows down my workflow because I have to click on the “x” in the search box. I read that escape should work but it does not.
    • I read in the take control book that there is a shortcut to open a search in a new tab, but I can’t find it (tab not window)
    • whenever I do a search, I always end up clicking on the advanced button. Is there any way to create a search shortcut so that I automatically opens in advanced mode ?
    • search syntax . I read the manual and would like (eventually) to learn the syntax and type my searches instead of clicking. As far as I can see, I can type name:xxx kind:xxx group:xxx etc but I can’t find the syntax to specify the database which is strange. I was expecting to be able to type database:xxx I have to click on the database in the search menu on top. There must be something that I don’t understand.
      thank you very much for your time and patience

Seems to be a bug or changed behaviour. I think in the past ESC cleared a search.

Don’t know such shortcut and didn’t find something like this in the Take Control book. Could you post a page number?



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  • The hotkey for a toolbar search is Option-Command-F
  • The Escape key exits an active search but leaves the search term(s) in place.
  • If the search field doesn’t have focus, you can press the search hotkey, then Delete, to clear the search field or change the terms. You can also end with Escape to exit the search.

You can’t open a search in a new tab. Searches belong to windows, not tabs.

No, there is no shortcut for this. The window should remember if you had the Advanced options open. It’s working as expected here.

Search prefixes and prefix operators are covered in the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Prefixes.

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great answer ! thank you very much. I did not know the term prefix and therefore could not find the reference. I read it all and everything is fine.

thank you for your answers. I was mistaken: it was window, not tab in the take control book