new user questions about viewing jpgs

Just purchased Devonthink Personal and I’m trying it out, see if it can help me manage things.
So minor nitpick, I was scanning expense receipts in and I looked up how to do it via Image Capture. I didn’t notice that it reset the Image Capture resolution to 25dpi so I was somewhat surprised when I opened my scans and they were illegible. If I open Image Capture directly it remembers that I set it to 300dpi. I’m sure once I tell Devonthink to use 300dpi it will.

So I have a folder/group in Devonthink for my customer and I have a subfolder for customer docs, January trip expenses and March trip expenses. I’m using this as a test case so i dragged in everything that I already had scanned to the appropriate folder, some as PDF, some as JPG depending on how I did it previously. I’m entering my expenses on my spreadsheet so I go to open a receipt I had scanned in before Devonthink but dragged into it and a big empty box opens that I can’t close.
I have 4 menu options on the far right, Share, Lock/Unlock, See Also & Classify and Show/Hide Tags but there is no way to close it and in the normal Devonthink window the March Expenses group is gone now.
If I go to All images I see my jpgs and if I double-click get the same thing, another empty window. If I right click under open with… the default is Preview as expected.
I’ve tried quitting and reopening and same thing.
Now I have 3 windows I can’t close, see screenshot

I must mention that Devonthink has crashed twice since I’ve started using it and when I restart I get the message about the DB being already in use or Devonthink didn’t close properly.

Do I have to reset something?
Thanks for any help.

I would restart the machine and see if the problem clears up. I have never seen this window behavior before.

PS: The warning always happens after DEVONthink terminates unexpectedly.

Restarting the Mac fixed the problems, the jpgs are working as expected.

Some people think the suggestion to reboot is just a lazy Support tactic, but it’s a legitimate troubleshooting option and works far more often than not. :smiley: