New user, trying to connect my iOS DTTG to server running on Mac within my LAN

I’m a new user testing out DT3 and DTTG. I’ve got DT3 running on my Mac, and I’ve got the server running. I’m now using DTTG on my iOS device, but I can’t figure out how to have it connect to my server so that I can me my data on the iPhone. What am I missing - where is the setting for my server? I see Global Inbox and a couple of other Recent categories, all with 0, and I also see it’s trying to “Add previews” to a whole lot of items (where or what are those items?). In Locations, I see Dropbox, CloudMe, and WebDAV - I don’t see an option for a Direct Connection. What am I missing?

See your posting and my reply in the DEVONthink topic area.

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