New Version of Dropbox App ... Impact on DEVONthink sync?

Dropbox is pushing out a new version. After my upgrade it is v159.4.5870.

Details on their changes are published at Dropbox support for macOS FAQs - Dropbox Help

Of note to DEVONthink users who use Dropbox as as one of the sync services, they have

  • moved the default local folder on the desktop to ~/Library/CloudStorage. This is required and unchangeable.

  • appear to have defaulted to “on-line” sync status, which may indexed files as DEVONthink expects all indexed files to be local. So it seems required to reset those indexed folders to “offline”.

I am aware that DEVONthink sync method “hides” where the sync files are located in Dropbox, and as far as I can tell even after my Dropbox upgrade my DEVONthink sync using Dropbox works … I have concluded that even with the Dropbox upgrade, DEVONthink syncing is not affected. Correct?

The latest versions of OneDrive & Google Drive already changed the cloud location too due to requirements of macOS, therefore this shouldn’t be an issue as long as all computers use the same version to avoid different paths of indexed files/folders. In addition, it might be necessary to update the path of indexed items (e.g. via the Path popup of the Info inspector).

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And as far as syncing goes, DEVONthink doesn’t use the Dropbox application at all. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be installed to have a Dropbox sync location in DEVONthink. :smiley:


Hmm… my local dropbox folder is still ~/Dropbox, a folder I defined a long time ago in the Sync tab of the mac’s Dropbox app’ Preferences. There is no CloudStorage subfolder of ~/. My understanding is that Dropbox app updates automatically as I can’t find a manual update from the desktop app. It is set to start at system startup (in preferences).

Am I missing something?

You may simply not yet have the most up-to-date version of the Dropbox app. If it is being pushed rather than fetched, you have little influence over when it arrives. Possibly compare the version number of your app with the one quoted by @rmschne in the first post of this thread. However, as noted by @BLUEFROG the change should not be a problem with regard to syncing via Dropbox, but could be a problem with regard to indexing a Dropbox folder (see @cgrunenberg’s post in this thread for more details on that).


I have Dropbox version 159.4.5870 but it still uses the old /Users/[me]/Dropbox location.

Is it because I’m still running macOS 12.6 ?

Probably not. I was using 12.6 when Dropbox “invited” me to upgrade. Perhaps go tot Dropbox’s web site and look at their FAQs to see about why you are not getting invited or how to force an upgrade. I guess it’s inevitable you need to upgrade.

I’m trying to wean myself from Dropbox as Dropbox on a campaign (it seems) to reduce the number of “free” subscriptions like me. Their lowest pay level is a bit steep for me as I don’t really need it anymore. I used to use Dropbox extensively and paid for it, but those times past.

Do you mean “upgrade” to Dropbox app version 159.4.5870, or upgrade to the ~/Library/CloudStorage location? Or do these things only happen together?

In any case I have the 159.4.5870 and still the old location.

Dropbox’s site tells me nothing about upgrading to this new file location scheme.

I cannot speak with any authority about Dropbox’s upgrade. I can only point you to the link Dropbox support for macOS FAQs - Dropbox Help, previously provided at the top of this thread, where they explain when the folder move occurs. Best to get Dropbox support involved, I guess.

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My M1 Mac mini is on Dropbox 161.3.4815 with macOS 13 and still has the old location. My Intel MacBook, on the other hand, has 160.3.4670 and moved to CloudStorage some months ago. So it’s not as simple as the new location applying to all versions higher than a certain number.

[EDIT] I’ve just uninstalled the Dropbox client and reinstalled from a fresh download. The Dropbox folder has not moved, which I find quite odd considering this is Ventura.