Newbie help on script Index--iCloud Drive

I ran the script “Index–iCloud Drive”. Now I am wondering whether that was a smart thing to do.

–How does the database react if a file is removed from local storage but remains in iCloud?
–One subfolder in my iCloud is merely used as a backup destination for another program. It contains zip files only. Can I (Should I) exclude the subfolder from being indexed?

  1. You should only be indexing local files.
  2. You can’t exclude a subfolder or files from an indexed parent group.

Ok, how do you suggest that I redo the Index so that it only includes the subfolders that will remain local? Should I delete the database that contains the index and start over?

Should I worry about Devonthink indexing zip files–I know it may introduce some overhead but seems harmless otherwise.

You certainly could delete the database and start anew. DEVONthink databases aren’t inviolable but can be created and destroyed as the need dictates.

There is no real worry about indexing the ZIP files.

ok, but then I do not understand what the script “Index–iCloud Drive” is aiming for. Would you be able to clarify?