Newbie looking for advice.

I just received my SnapScan 1300. I need to go paperless. Hate all the loose papers in my office. Drives me nuts.

I d/l Devon Personal because I felt that was all I needed. My intention is to simply scan bills, invoices, receipts etc. What Devon product is most suitable for this?

Also, I have read that it not only saves scanned doc’s but also web pages, images etc. Am I right in making this assumption?

Thanks and I look forward to your reply.


Not to not answer your question … but, there’s a lot of very good advice, real-world experience, and facts relating to all of your broad questions – which are the basic questions most people start with – throughout this forum, in the DEVONthink manuals and help, in Joe Kissell’s book, and the tutorials in Help > Support Assistnt. I’d suggest consulting that material, and if there’s an unanswered question or two, you’ll definitely get a good answer here.

Just my opinion, but DEVONthink Pro Office is the best product to work with in conjunction with your ScanSnap.