Newbie Q: How do I import Firefox email?

I thought I’d start my use of DevonThink with a database to store software reg codes but dragging the emails to DevonThink doesn’t work so what can I do? I have all the reg codes stored in a single Firefox folder.

Off topic, is there (aside from the video tutorials) any intro to DevonThink? The tutorials seem to take it for granted that the viewer has a previous history of using such a product and I don’t!


For the Firefox import: navigate to the folder you want to import and then select the mailbox file. The root folder is normally in your home folder > Library > Thunderbird > Profiles > xxx.default > Mail (or ImapMail/PopMail etc.). Here you’ll find your mailbox hierarchy.

Thanks found those but there are 2 entries for each folder eg. inbox (greyed out) and inbox.msf. Importing the .msf just a load of text without any recognisable form.

Presumably I need the greyed out entry but it doesn’t seem possible to select that, any ideas?

Also when I’ve imported the data what’s the best way if storing/indexing it?

The files are analysed for appropriate mailbox contents and only files that can be parsed are shown as selectable. Are you sure you used the Mail Import window toolbar Mail Source “Unix Mailbox…” and not “File > Import > Files and Folders”?

I did use the File>Import>etc method thanks for spotting that one.

But can’t find the Mail import toolbar - and it doesn’t seem to be in the help file either? It does exist in DT Personal?

Sorry, I didn’t understand you were using DT Personal, this is a feature of the DT Professional Office version.

ah ha!

So what are the options for the Personal version? [crosses fingers]