Newbie questions & requests

Am trying out DTP after going through all the competition. I like it, and am planning to buy a license shortly. A couple of questions and remarks.

Easy keywording (applying and searching on) of entries is essential in an app like this.

DTP does not seem to have it, and we will have to do with the comments field at the moment. However, I am not entirely happy with the implementation of the comment option. It should be easier to access the comment, and have it straight side-by-side with the item text, or right under it. Look to TAO for an elegant solution.

A simple request here: It would be nice if is were possible to expand the comment field inside the “show info” window, so that the comment field covered the entire window. Any chance of this?

Also, is there any size limitation on the comment field?

First: I am planning to use a rather elaborate outline with many entries and sub-entries. I will then want to harvest out some of this entries, based on label, into a “smart group”, will then want to export that group (as opml). One, for me, absolutely crucial question: Will the order from the original group be kept in the smart group? What is, generally, the best way to go about something like this?

Thank you.

  • Øystein, Norway