Newbie Questions

I’m trying out Devonthink and I need some help:

  1. I have the global icon and a database before me. If I delete anything from the database or the database itself, do I lose the files forever or will there be present for another database?

  2. I’m writing a book; Are there suggestions for workflow between Devonthink and Scrivener?

  3. Sometimes I’ll do a search and get pointed to certain exact terms in articles/pdfs and sometimes it seems a pdf in general and I can’t find the term? Is that typical behavior?

I’m swimming with glee with the potential of Devonthink but also worrried about the timesuck of learning.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions shortly.

If you delete a document it will be in the Trash for that database, or the Trash for the Global Inbox, if that is where it was before deletion. Click on the Trash icon in the sidebar to locate your deleted items. When you empty the Trash, the document is gone from DEVONthink, but will be in your computer’s Trash until you empty the OS X trash. When you delete OS X trash, it is gone forever. It is a good idea to keep backups of important files.

This is a very common topic here, and in the Literature and Latte forum. I would suggest reading the many threads that have preceded your question and then come back here if there is something unclear or specific to your writing. Lots of writers have spent a lot of time discussing using DEVONthink and Scrivener together – I encourage you to read these threads:

in the DEVONthink forum and in the Literature and Latte forum. And there are also numerous writers blogs on the net that discuss this.