Newbie questions

I’m trialing several packages to help in organizing 100s of research files for my dissertation. DT looks very promising, but there are a couple of critical features I need that I’m not able to find in DT thus far, and I’m hoping someone can either point me in the right direction… or let me know that these features are not present.

  1. Ability to link/attach metadata to imported files. I would like to build a thesaurus in DT to help cross-linking and creating dynamic associations to my files. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Very important is the ability to attach (or associate) notes to imported files. As I work through these files I am taking notes of one to several pages, and I would like to keep these permanently linked or embedded in the associated work file.
  3. Ability to cross link to files in other folders (either via aliases or by creating pointers). This can perhaps be solved by 1).

Any assistance would be appreciated!

DEVONthink supports both in- and external cross-linking, see…

  • submenu “Link To” or “Insert Link To” of contextual menu of rich texts
  • command “Copy Page Link” of contextual menu of PDF views
  • command Edit > Copy Item Link