Newbie text edit question

I have just started using the trial of DEVONthink and have a question about the Open With TextE icon in RTF documents.

To me it seems like if I open it in TextEdit and save it, the changes should be reflected in DEVONthink. From what I can tell, however, that’s not the case. Is there any way to change this behavior or am I just missing something important.

I’m using v. 1.9.3 on 10.4.1.

Thanks in advance.

No, the case you describe – opening an RTF document in TextEdit, modifying it and saving it under TextEdit – does not result in changing the content of the document in your DT database.

DEVONthink PE and Pro will receive a revised database structure in version 2, with the result that editing files – such as an external Word document – will result in the changes being made within the database.

Thanks for the response, I’m glad it will be an option in the future!