Nice interface for groups

I just wanted to mention that I think the way groups and their contents are displayed is wonderful. I really like the grid of things that look like index cards; then when I click on one of these “index cards” I get a grid of “sub-cards”. I can actually read a meaningful amount of text on each “card” without opening it, too, so it’s not just a matter of aesthetic niceties.

Thanks. We are really happy with how Grid View worked out. :smiley:

Is the only way to get the grid view by touching the number of items to enter the group?

If I am viewing a group, is there any way to toggle between list and grid views? This doesn’t really make sense to me.

The Grid View is, technically, a detail view, like a document. So you cannot ‘toggle’ a list view into the grid view. But: interface improvement suggestions welcome!

How exactly does one toggle Grid view. I can’t seem to enter grid view, always just list view.

I must be missing something possibly easy here or then the UI for this needs to be improved because it doesn’t seem easy to find.

Tap the number (items in the group) besides a group name on iPad or iPhone Plus (landscape). It’s tinted to indicate that it can be tapped.

Ah, there’s the secret sauce. I was trying this on an iPhone. I look forward to testing this on the iPad later today :smiley: