Nisus Writer "RTFs" are actually "Nisus Writer Glossary" files and not editable

I’m finding that, if I save an .RTF file from Nisus Writer Pro, and then import it into DT3, it is not editable. Puzzled, I looked at the file in the Finder and found it listed as “Kind: Nisus Writer Glossary”.

If I use the contextual command ‘Convert > to Rich Text’, then the resulting file is editable, and is listed in the Finder as “Kind: rich text (RTF)” (though still described in DT3 as a “Nisus Writer Glossary”).

I realise this may well be primarily a Nisus Writer Pro problem, but I’m not sure what’s going on here, and I was wondering if anyone else has run up against this problem.

I thought maybe I could set up a Smart Rule which would detect any file imported which is of the kind “Nisus Writer Glossary”, convert it to ‘regular’ RTF, and then delete the original (if that’s possible).

RTF files created by Nisus Writer aren’t editable in DEVONthink as the text engine of macOS doesn’t support all features and proprietary extensions of Nisus Writer and would therefore destroy them.

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Hmm. OK. I could have sworn that I’ve created RTFs in Nisus in the past and imported them into DEVONthink, and that they have been editable. But maybe I’m mis-remembering, or maybe it’s something to do with more recent versions of DEVONthink and/or Nisus?

I find I can’t make that smart rule anyway, since there’s no way to stipulate Kind: Nisus Writer Glossary.

So maybe Nisus isn’t so good to use with DT3 then?

That’s a change of version 3.

You could still edit them externally or convert them to rich text.

I’ve re-associated all RTFs to be opened with TextEdit. Frankly it’s just easier.

I guess I can always ‘open with’ Nisus if I find for some reason I have to.

I’ve been writing documents in DT for years, then formatting them in Nisus Writer Pro, taking advantage of its search and replace function, and saving them in Nisus’ native format, which was always compatible with DT’s .rtf format. It’s only been recently that the files saved by Nisus are no longer editable in DT3. This is unfortunate, because Nisus was invaluable for the editing and correcting my own articles and especially those of my colleagues.

A bit of a late reply – but I’ve just gone to do this (edit a Nisus RTF file in DT) and realised I couldn’t edit the file. I had been doing this for years (since like 2013/14) in the previous version of devonTHINK Pro Office. Definitely disappointing to lose this functionality in V3. Anyway, just posting to add another vote to please re-introduce this functionality.

Welcome @Deere
Nisus Writer’s rich text format has proprietary information in it so these files are not editable in DEVONthink. It has been this way for a long time now.


Ah, cool. Thanks for letting me know. Will save me trying to search for a workaround. Cheers!