No Apple Mail Plugin in 3.5.2

The Apple Mail Plugin hasent´t been installed after upgrading to 3.5.2
I cannot install it again, because Dt tells me it is already installed. What can I do?

Did you enable it in Preferences > General of Mail?

No, I didn´t. Did´nt change anything, just installed the update.

The Mail-Bundle in Mail Plugins was disabled. No it is working fine.

Each update of the plugin has to be enabled by the user again unfortunately.

I had this “problem” too! It was not noted in the release notes and so I am so happy to have found this tread! Thank you for documenting!

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Same here, I wasn’t aware I would have to reactivate the plugin (in fact, if I had not had Mail open when I updated DT, I might not even have realized the plugin had been updated) - a popup or other such message would be helpful.

Welcome @BeKind2020

Glad you found the info and this thread. :slight_smile:

I am new to DTP3 and need Apple mail to sync. The plug in page is greyed out. Can not select to load. PDF/Scripts/ABBY are enabled. ??

Welcome @wmrhoward
What version of DEVONthink and operating system are you running?

Hi, and welcome. When you post here, more details (and do feel free to use screenshots) usually means more useful help.

Do you have DT3 pro (which I assume, as you wrote DTP3) or server? My understanding is that e-mail import is not available on the standard edition (@BLUEFROG correct me if I am wrong).

Assuming you have Catalina or earlier and DT 3.5.2 or later or Big Sur and DT 3.6, have you activated the plug-in in Mail (Preferences/General/Manage Plug-Ins), or is it not listed there? Does DT have Full Disk Access (in the system’s security settings)? Have you read the relevant section of the manual (for DT 3.6 from the bottom of page 52 on)?

In Apple Mail or DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons?

I think I’ve been missing this all along.

Does this sound correct?

First, install the mail plug-in in DT using DevonThink->Install Add-ons-> Additional scripts.

Then go to Apple Mail, Preferences -> General -> Manage Plug-ins -> check DEVONthink_BigSur.mailbundle.

Restart mail, be happy, conquer world.

Essentially, buy it’s not the Additional Scripts. It’s the Apple Mail plugin…

More confusion on my part. I thought the check box beside “additional scripts” enabled the following options. I can be such a dolt, which makes me thankful for my wife’s patience with me.

I have PDF and Additional checked and the other options are gray and “installed.”

Curiously (or not…) archiving mailboxes seems to be a lot faster now that the plugin is enabled in Apple Mail.

Thanks, Bluefrog!

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No worries and you’re welcome.

The Additional Scripts installs the Mail scripts, application scripts, etc.

Curiously (or not…) archiving mailboxes seems to be a lot faster now that the plugin is enabled in Apple Mail.

Yes, this is definitely expected.