No back navigation arrow on DTTG 2.6.7 - iPadOS

For some weeks now I have noticed that there is no regular way to navigate back in the folder structure after opening any item in DTTG (2.6.7 on iPadOS 13.3). The only way to get around that problem is to close the app and reopening it. Then for that particular item the back arrow reappears and you can navigate back to any hierarchical level. But after opening another item the same behaviour appears and you are again forced to close the app in case you want to navigate back. I have reported this problem before but apparently my complaint has not been considered important enough yet to be addressed. Has anybody else experienced this behaviour?

Not seeing that problem here, perhaps posting a screen capture might help. Are you using the most current version of the app? It’s at 2.7.6, so I don’t know if you have a typo in the version number you are using or if you actually are using 2.6.7.

The only way to get around that problem is to close the app and reopening it.

That is incorrect.
The issue can occur when using the device in portrait orientation and viewing a document. Changing to landscape orientation and back to portrait and the back arrow should be present.

Indeed, Jim, yes, that is correct. I wasn’t aware of that work around, but it is still only a workaround (maybe slightly less annoying) And the issue does occur on my iPad every time it is in portrait orientation.
My DTTG version is 2.7.6, I made a typo.

I hadn’t noticed that before, probably because I’m using portrait mode much less now with all the split/slide over screen options in iPadOS 13. Swiping right from the left screen edge acts to navigate back also, which for me is more intuitive than hitting the back arrow. Would certainly be easier than flipping from portrait to horizontal and back to portrait just to get the arrow to re-appear.

Yeah, I usually use landscape as well, so I didn’t notice this issue at first. I know it’s under investigation.

I didn’t know about the right to left swipe gesture. That works really well. That basically takes care of my problem. Thanks!

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I am still experiencing this problem occasionally, notably in landscape mode, with the latest version of DTTG (3.5.6). I think it only happens when I get all the way back to the database level and then can’t navigate back one more step to the “home” level to see all databases in the left sidebar. In this situation, even rotating between portrait and landscape mode doesn’t help make the back arrow reappear. There’s just no “< Back” at the top of the sidebar that would allow me to get all the way back the top-most level. If I quit and restart the app, the “< Back” button reappears.

What Apple mobile device are you seeing this on?

iPad (9th generation)