No backup path setting possible

Dear DEVONthink users

I use the actual version DEVONthink Professional Office 1.3.2 on a Mac OS X 10.4.10/PPC with German language settings.

As I did try a few weeks back, I thought I was able to set a backup path in the settings window. :smiley:

Now with a completely new DB and/or with the ones downloaded from this website, I’m no more able to set the backup path. :frowning:
If I use the script out of the script menu, I found after some searches a new folder called “Backup” inside my home folder. :slight_smile:

Is this normal behavior and if YES, why did it work before; if NO, what’s the problem? I did a complete de-installation and new installation with deleting all files/folder I could find with the word “devon” in it. This way I did delete also any cache, preference and other related files. --> Hope so.

If anyone has some serious suggestions I would appreciate a response.

Best regards from Switzerland

This is normal behavior and no, the Preference for setting an external backup location has never been enabled.

I highly recommend (and use) Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. When I’ve been making significant changes to a database, at break time I’ll invoke Backup Archive – takes only seconds to do that. When I return from break the database has been verified, optimized (important after adding lots of new content) and has current internal and external backups.

The external backup file can be saved anywhere you choose. It’s the smallest possible compressed and dated archive of your database. As such, it’s easy to copy to an external medium (another computer, an external hard drive, a CD or DVD) as added insurance should you experience a hard drive crash or a stolen laptop. :slight_smile: