No Bonjour After Upgrading to iOS 15

Upgrades to iOS 15 yesterday. Now there is no option for Bonjour Sync. Have relaunched app, restarted phone. Anyone else?

Are incoming connections enabled on the Mac (see Preferences > Sync > Bonjour Options…)?


I’ve also turned them off and back on again. Restarted DT, and restarted the Mac.

I had exactly the same problem for a while after upgrading to iOS 15, too.

MacBook set to receive Bonjour connections, iPhone showing green pluses for all the sync locations except my MacBook.

But then my MacBook appeared with a green plus in the DTTG sync locations on my iPhone.

Maybe iOS 15 was doing something in the background which took a while?

Anyway, for me all seems to be working fine now. I hope yours sorts itself, too.

Is iOS’ Settings > Privacy > Local Network > DEVONthink enabled?

It is.

To add data points–the MacBook Pro can see the server just fine, AND it can see the iPhone if I enable (just for testing purposes) Bonjour on it.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 5.48.30 AM

I even tried enabling Bonjour on the MacBook Pro (just for testing)–the iPhone is just not seeing any of them…

Why are you running the iPhone as the Bonjour server?
I’m not saying you can’t; I’m saying it’s unusual when a Mac is involved.

Just as a test to see if one my Macs could see it. They both could.

It just can’t see them…

…and this morning it was there.

Ugh! The worst kind of issue to have… sporadic and magically resolving.
Good for you; not so good for us.
But we’re happier to hear it’s working for you now.

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