No clip icon in the share menu

i may have screwed up. last night i downloaded and installed DTTG 3. this morning, i deleted the v2 clip icon from the share menu, assuming that i could tap the options icon (…) and add the v3 icon. there isn’t one. now i have no way to clip in safari (or other apps?). sorry to have been so stupid! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

how do i add the v3 clip icon to the share menu? thanks for any help!

See DTTG keeps disappearing from the sharesheet after every app update

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i couldn’t be more embarrassed!! i almost did that but didn’t. and i swear i searched before posting!

worked perfectly. thank you so much! and congratulations on the release!! :tada:

looking forward to smartgroups!

Thanks for the congrats!

totally deserved! you make a fantastic app :heart:

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