No Databases?

I finally convinced my brother to move from Evernote to DevonThink Pro Office. At this point, he only has about 500 notes. He successfully moved them from EN to DTPO without creating any databases himself. All the notes are sub-divided into groups based, it looks like, on the notebooks he had in EN (he imported all his notebooks at the same time). These groups are under something (I don’t know whether it’s a database or not) called Evernote with the EN logo next to it and a down arrow that shows all the groups.

He has asked me whether he needs to create any databases or can his notes stay the way they are after being imported.

I don’t know what to tell him and I was wondering what the folks on the forum think.


That’s just a group with the Evenote icon to make it clear to people what it is.
He doesn’t have to create other databases, but it is suggested. Even if there a simple distinctions, like a Work database and a Personal one, etc.

Thanks again, as usual, it’s appreciated.

No problem. It’s why we’re here. :smiley: