No Devonian age here..

I have tried 5 times to download DevonThink, which product I have paid for. It must be that there is a problem over yonder, as I have downloaded other software this weekend.

What I see when I press on the link, either at Devon Techn__, or at VersionTracker, is a page of code, letters symbols. When document done appears, there is nothing on my desktop, nor hard drive.

Is this something that other people have had difficulty with?

What browser are you using? Your browser is trying to load the application as a text file, instead of downloading it to your hard drive. Try this: Hold down the Control key and click on the link to the DEVONthink application. From the contextual menu options, choose “Download Linked File As…” (that contextual menu option is NOT available if you are viewing a page from DT’s WebKit browser).

I use Safari as my default browser. Although other browsers may have nice features, Safari (or perhaps OmniWeb, which uses the Safari core) is the most compatible for heavy use with DEVONthink – for example, Safari provides the URL of a page captured via Services as rich text.

Note: Trying to do downloads from DT’s WebKit HTML browser doesn’t work. For downloads, use just about any Web browser for Mac – Safari, IE, OmniWeb, Camino, Mozilla, FireFox, iCab, etc. – whichever you’ve set as your default browser.

Thanks for the reply. I am using Camino. I’ll try holding down the control key. Or, perhaps I’ll first try Safari.

I use Camino most, then OmniWeb and Safari.

Thanks again, I’ll try once more.

Thanks Bill for the help. I am using Safari now, and it is downloading. Best New Year wishes to you!