No Digest Results

I’m sure I’m missing one small thing that’s going to make this Plugin work like a champ, at the moment this plugin responds with 6 entries in the Log (see below). The top five log entries are the results that I see in my search page when I do the search in my browser, which in this example is the word “Sand” (please note that I abbreviated the output for readability):

Address Error
intranet/EM/GeneralBuildTipsAndTools No Match
intranet/EM/OLDSandboxBuildSystem No Match
intranet/EM/SandboxBuildSystem No Match
intranet/EM/SandboxBuildSystemDeprecated No Match
intranet/EM/SandboxSystem No Match
intranet/EM/WebSearch?search=Sand&scope=topic Links: 5

Below is my XML plugin, I’ve completely read “Can Da be “neat” without XML?” which helped me tighten up my information parse (maybe too much :confused: ) but the fundamental problem that I have is that I’m not getting any Digest / Results information and my hunch was that it’s related to my Link… statements but I can’t really put my finger on what I’m doing wrong.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
	<string>$lt;a href="/twiki/bin/rdiff/EM/*" rel="nofollow"$gt;</string>
	<string>Intranet Search Topic</string>
	<string>Intranet Plugin</string>
	<string>&lt;div class="twikiLeft"&gt;</string>
	<string>&lt;div class="twikiSummary twikiGrayText"&gt;</string>
	<string>&lt;a href="/twiki/bin/view/*"&gt;&lt;b&gt;</string>

BTW, if I just do a generic plugin (just the search string) I get results primarily a whole bunch of cruft" AND my 5 results that I expect but it seems as soon as I start trying to put my filters in I’m breaking it.

Can anyone see something obvious that I’m doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Does the plugin return results after removing TextStart/End and TitleStart/End keys? In addition, where do you search (see “Settings” tab of search windows) - in the title, the text, etc.?

Thanks for the tip.

Well removing the TextStart/End statements didn’t help…however I started just tearing items out (custom items that is) sections of the plugin and it seems that once I removed LinksMatching I started getting results. Seems somewhat counter intuitive and I don’t think I can explain why since all my results that I was searching for had that string in the URL but none the less it’s working good now.

Thanks for at least getting me started in the right direction on this one.

If I had to ask a parting question the only problem that I have is the DateStart/End section, my string is pretty good as far as I can tell but the date returned from the server is somewhat odd (based on standard date formats) with the example date being 09 Jul 2009 - 16:33.

Below is a HTML snippet of where/how the date is returned

:rel=“nofollow”>09 Jul 2009 - 16:33

Any ideas on if the problem is my plugin or is it that DevonAgent is expecting a certain date format?

Thanks for responses a head of time.

DEVONagent supports several date formats including this one. However, the problem is probably caused by the plugin as $lt; and $gt; should be < and >


Thanks for finding my slop, it must of been late when I made that mistake because I think it’s the only one that I’ve found like that. Sorry to drag you down into my errors.