No download of epub files from shared database on iOS

When I‘m browsing a shared Database in Safari on iOS, epub files are greyed out and I can‘t download them to my device for reading in an e-reader app. With pdfs it works, but not with epubs. Could you please fix this? Thanks in advance.

ePub files are not currently supported. This may be part of a future release but I cannot say when it may be worked on. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

it would be great if it just gave me the standard download page that ios safari uses for unknown files

I am seeing no issue with downloading them. In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket.

Sorry, I‘m not talking about DTTG. I‘m talking about accessing a shared database from DT Pro Office via Safari on iOS.

No, you cannot download them in a third-party application. You need to download the contents while you’re in DTTG. Then you should be able to access them in the other app.