No DT3 Pro Office?

That is correct.

After the beta ends, the features you don’t have licensed will no longer function. For example, if you purchased DEVONthink 3 Pro, the web server will cease to function since it’s part of the Server edition.

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A follow-up as I explore the possibilities here. Is it possible to link users directly to particular files via the server? A little spelunking suggests “no” is the answer—users log in to specific databases, but the web server doesn’t provide pathing straight to particular files (and it always requires logging in to see them).

I’m thinking that it’d be nice to link files on a website straight from my operating files, rather than maintaining different versions on my file system and the website. This is possible with Dropbox anonymous links, but I’ve had some trouble with Dropbox links unable to be used by some clients while on organizational networks. So this’d provide a nice workaround. I hate trying to remember which version I’ve uploaded where…

No, this isn’t possible. They are per-database permissions.

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