No DT3 Pro Office?

Just to be sure: I presently own a DT2 Pro Office license; but I don’t see any DT3 Pro Office version announced. Does this imply that there won’t be such a version, and that all the functionalities of DT2 Pro Office are incorporated into DT3 Pro?

all of them and much more are now in DT Pro, only the webserver is not.

OK, Thanks for the quick answer!

Sorry to bother, but can you explain to me the webserver features? Because I think with the new DTP3 I cannot sync directly with my laptop… I missed something?

The server edition includes the web interface but synchronizing is of course supported by all editions.

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The web server simply (!) enables a user to access DT databases via a web browser. It’s a way of allowing people without DT installed to see/edit DT content. It’s been around for along time, in DT Pro Office.

It’s separate from the sync functions

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Am I wrong in understanding that as an owner of DTP2, the upgrade to DT3 gives me equivalent features, with no losses?

It’s scriptable like DEVONthink Pro 2, supports multiple databases and all filetypes. But Concordance, Bookends import, download manager and image capture are limited to the Pro edition. See

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(Piling in here as it seems like a relevant question to the recent posts in this thread).

I think I understand the Server web interface feature, but to confirm:
I could use DT3 Server to replace a prominent Dropbox feature: sharing files/folders to colleagues such that they can access and use those files in their own projects. With the right User permissions, those colleagues can even effectively do “cloud” collaboration—save maybe making changes to the same files at the same time. However, this will only work if my computer is on (and, therefore, the server is available) at all times.

Does this make sense, or do I have it wrong?

I’m super tempted to buy into Server and stop paying the heavy cost of an annual Dropbox subscription.

Yes, you have the essence of it.

Do note, you will have to take the responsibility for the port-forwarding to make the Web Sharing available off your network.

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OK, for the short hands of us, like me :roll_eyes:
I use DT2 office to share literature, lectures usw with my students via the DT2 build in web service.
(even the staff didn’t acknowledge the supportable status of my working place).
My question: if I upgrade to V3: can I continue to share my handouts? Or do I need to buy the Server edition?
The students should have access, read, and maybe download files. But no upload, co-operative work or other interactive work.
Sorry for beeing such a N00b.

You’ll need the Server edition to share content directly from the DT database. I think this is the kind of use case it’s intended for.

You could probably find a way to get round that by keeping documents in a shared location like Dropbox and indexing them in DT. I think that, because indexing is a more 2-way process now (changes in DT are reflected in the Finder), that could be more manageable than in DT2.

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The Server edition of DEVONthink 3 finally supports exactly such permissions, see Preferences > Server


Thanks. Now I have another reason to make my own Mac server… :upside_down_face:

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I bought a Mac Mini two years ago to run as a server. Works a treat. Make sure you get a UPS though, in case of inclement weather, etc. You get spoiled with the built-in batteries in laptops. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just to be sure that I understand the difference between DT3 Pro and Server, and know which one will suite my need; I currently DTPO and sync my various databases via WebDAV to my Macs and iOS devices. I assume that DT3 Pro will allow me to continue syncing in this same manner, and that I don’t need the Server edition, as I’m not sharing files?

Synchronizing is supported by all editions of course.

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Correct. DEVONthink 3 Pro is the successor to Pro Office. And the web server will cease to run at the end of the beta period.

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I’m a bit confused. The beta I downloaded is named DEVONThink 3. But is there not a DEVONThink Pro 3 beta to be downloaded? I have DT Pro Office.

The Beta includes Pro and Server so that you can try (and test) everything. Features that are Pro- and Server-only are starred in the app.

I think, anyway.