No Edit in RTF after has image

It appears that if an RTF file contains an image (like clipboard paste of one), it no longer is editable in Devonthink to Go. It still is editable in the DT on the MacBook.

NOTE - tried to attach an rtf file as an example, but doesn’t seem to be an option here so this is info from inside the test file if you want to duplicate it on MacBook and then sync with DT to Go to reproduce the problem …

"This is a Rich Text Format file.

It has a RTF file extension so far as this line.


        <Image is now added here>

As soon as the clipboard image above was pasted, it’s file extension changed to rtf.rtfd,

If the pasted image above is removed then the file name changes back to rtf extension.



  • Both with the pasted image and after, this file could be edited in the Macbook, Devonthink.

  • Before the image was pasted, this file also had an Edit option in Devonthink to Go and could be edited.

  • After the image was pasted on the DT on the Macbook and sync to the Devonthink to Go, there is no more Edit option for the file there and cannot be edited."

Please advise.


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Well … I tried the “obvious” solution and it is an awkward work around , but it worked:

  • On the MacBook, I cut each image out of the main RTF doc and pasted each one in the DT as a separate file.

  • Then I put a link in the main RTF file to each image file.

  • Then I selected the main RTF file in the MacBook DT and also all the image files and made a single new Group of them.

Result: when then Group was sync to the Devonthink to Go, the main RTF extension returned and the file became editable. The links within it also worked to show the images.

So that technique “solves” the problem of how to use images with DT, RTF files. It also keeps the size of the main RTF file from being bloated by images. Another benefit is that each image file has the good image editing features in the MacBook DT.

Too bad using images in RTF’s could be simpler, however.


DEVONthink To Go does not support editing RTFD files. Rich text is not a mobile-native format. We have employed a third-party framework for RTF support, but it cannot edit RTFD. Text editing is going to be the primary focus of the next major version of DEVONthink To Go.

This is non-obvious. I also came here thinking it was a bug.
Maybe leave the Edit button, grayed out, with a tooltip or notice when tapping