No File contents Displayed in Standard Preview

Hi all,

I’m completely sure that I’m being an absolute bonehead. In DT3 beta 4, I’m using Navigate to view the contents of my various databases, which I display as a list. I enter a term in the search field and press return (“live while typing” is disabled), and my results are displayed in the upper pane. When I click on one of the files (PDFs) hoping to see the contents displayed in the lower pane, nothing is shown. And now that I play around a bit more, this is also happening when I’m not searching for a keyword term. If I click on any file in Standard view, I’m not seeing the contents displayed in the lower pane, as I used to. What setting have I changed?


You need to update to public beta 5, released today.

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Hey Jim,

Thanks for the note! That resolved the issue. Was this a known issue? (I guess I should read the Release Notes)


Yes, it was reported previously with b4 and is mentioned in the version history.

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