No line breaks in DTTG finder comments?


I would like to be able to add notes while listening/watching to media files in DTTG (or alternatively pausing playback, taking a note and returning to the same position).

Since creating an annotation leaves the media file and automatically returning to the same position is not possible, I realised that finder comments are the (only) way to go. Here, both pausing and adding notes while keeping playback going is available.

However, I wanted to ask whether it is by design that no line breaks can be added to finder comments in DTTG, whereas this is available in DT on Mac?

I think the ability to leave some space between text entries added to finder comments would make for a more “clean” editing experience in DTTG and improve readability.

No, this is more like a glitch than by design. The ⮐ key simply terminates editing in the Comments field. Noted as an issue.

Alright, thanks.

Looking forward to the next release

The 3.2 release has fixed it. Small change, but really improves the experience in my view. Much appreciated!

Glad it worked out to your liking :slight_smile: